About Our Partners

At BHA Medical, we partner with industry leaders to provide our customers with the best in innovative medical technology and support, as well as cost-effective, high-quality medical products. 

Part of our commitment to bettering healthcare around the world is to find new ways to bring affordable healthcare products to the industry – and to utilise technology to create a circle of health, for a better tomorrow.

NPH Group

NPH Group is a leading provider of independent medical services, based in Newcastle, England. Their services include medical and travel consultation, occupational health assessments, health-screening, drug and alcohol testing and work-specific medical assessments.

NPH iMed

NPH iMed is an end-to-end COVID-19 testing and monitoring solution, developed in partnership with NPH Group to assist in collating and managing test results to assist in reopening travel, leisure, events and entertainment. One of the first online test verification systems in the world, NPH iMed is a class-leading solution for training, testing, managing and monitoring with regards to COVID-19.


Founded in 2015, D-Heart Biomedical is a medical start-up that created the first ever smartphone compatible ECG device, combining the usability required for patients seeking independence, with the reliability of class-leading 8 and 12-lead ECGs – required by doctors. Their Doctor In The Box solution provides industry leading-medical devices with real portability.