What is D-Heart?

D-Heart is the first smartphone ECG device that is simple to use, clinically reliable, portable and affordable. It allows anyone to perform a hospital-level ECG in total autonomy and to send the results to the 24/7 telecardiology service or to your trusted doctor.

  • The app guides you to perform a professional ECG
  • Bluetooth ECG streaming in real time
  • Medical grade ECG (12 to 60 seconds of recording)
  • Telecardiology service available 24/7
  • Charge the device directly in the case
  • Italian design and manufacturing

D-Heart allows you to track your heart health, to explain possible unclear symptoms or to monitor the efficacy of your medications.

With D-Heart you can become an engaged partner in the management of your health. It’s your task to record an ECG whenever you have symptoms, to share it with your trusted physician and to establish a shared decision–making process with your doctor.

Thanks to image processing and artificial intelligence, we guide you to the correct electrode’s placement by showing your chest picture with virtual marks placed where you should stick the electrodes.

Easy to Use

  • To record a medical-grade ECG you need to record with electrodes the heart electrical activity at specific locations on your chest. 
  • You just need to imitate your own image to get the perfect ECG!
  • The patented cable exit system prevents you from inverting the cables.


  • D-Heart weighs less than a smartphone.
  • It recharges by contact while resting inside its case, where you can find the electrodes to record your ECG.

Clinically Reliable

  • D-Heart records a multiple-leads ECG that allows for accurate recognition of possible heart conditions.
  • The ECG can be sent to your trusted doctor or to the 24/7 telecardiology service where one of our cardiologists will report the exam.


  • Thanks to its innovative design and technology D-Heart costs five times less than a professional hospital electrocardiograph but performs at the same clinical standard.
  • Simple and affordable Telereport credits available on the APP link you to our 24/7 Telecardiology Service.

24/7 Telecardiology Service

The Electrocardiogram is a heart test that tracks the electrical activity of your heart and records it on a moving paper or shows it as a moving line on a screen. An ECG tracing is the most simple and cost-effective way to analyse the heart and detect irregularities that might lead to serious health problems such as a stroke or heart attack. By looking at an ECG, a doctor can discern medically relevant information about the health and activity level of your heart muscle, much more than you can tell from your heart rate alone, that is performed by most wearable devices.

Routine availability of ECG can facilitate early identification of cardiac problems or reassure you about your heart health. It’s crucial, however, that your ECG is interpreted by your trusted doctor or an expert cardiologist. With D-Heart, we provide the first telecardiology service designed for the patient; our expert cardiologists will analyse your ECG and report back to you with a suggestion on how to handle your situation.

Whether you’re a patient in need of regular ECGs or a medical professional looking for a portable solution, D-Heart is the tool for you.

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