100% Compostable

3 Ply Disposable

PLA Face Masks



PLA melt-blown cloth, PLA non-woven fabric, PLA ear loop

All three components are manufactured from 100% certified compostable PLA resin*


Particle Size% Filtration Efficiency
0.5μm – 3μm99%
5μm – 10.0μm100%

For context, the average thickness of a single strand of hair is 70μm.

Ideal for viral protection and prevention of cross contamination

Choking & Suffocation warnings printed on the compostable bag

Sustainable alternative that is as durable as conventional plastic versions

Masks will decompose / break down within 3 months in the correct environment back to natural elements such as CO2, water and biomass

Unlike conventional plastic, does not create toxic micro/nano-plastic particles

Product has a 6-9 month shelf life – ideal for one time use

Dispose responsibly in an organised waste stream (food, garden cuttings etc) or through a municipal accredited recycling programme/composting facility.

NB: These masks are not medical grade

NB: To get product compostability certification is a 6-12 month process. This accreditation will come in due course, but we pledge that the original PLA resin that is used to manufacture these masks is internationally certified compostable.


Minimum order: 10 000 units


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