NPH iMed

NPH iMed is an end-to-end COVID-19 testing and monitoring solution, developed in partnership with NPH Group to assist in collating and managing test results to assist in reopening travel, leisure, events and entertainment. One of the first online test verification systems in the world, NPH iMed is a class-leading solution for training, testing, managing and monitoring with regards to COVID-19.

Want to control and get visibility of testing in your business to manage people back to work? Want visibility of who has tested when and their results?  Don’t want people off work for any longer than they need to be?

Use NPH iMed with Test Manager
We have developed these web based and mobile applications to make this possible NOW.  We believe we are the only company in the UK offering this capability to businesses. You can now ensure you have full visibility of all your staff testing needs. We can support you with policy development, fast implementation and supporting medical services. Contact us for more information and prices for NPH iMed and Test Manager.

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